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GB WhatsApp is a widely used instant messaging app that provides a new feature in its latest version called "Message reaction". This feature allows users to react to messages with emojis, giving the sender an idea of how the receiver feels about their message.

To like a message in GB WhatsApp, you need to use the "Reaction" function. Here are the steps to send a "Like" response message:

  • Download Download Whatsapp GB (The latest version of GB WhatsApp) from the official website.
  • Open GB WhatsApp and find the message you want to like.
  • Long-press the message, and a box with emojis will appear.
  • Tap the "Like" emoji from the pop-up.

If you want to change or remove the emoji reaction in GB WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  • Hover over the message you reacted to and tap the emoji icon.
  • A pop-up will appear, displaying your like reaction and other emoji reactions.
  • Tap your "Like" reaction to remove it. (The process is the same for other emoji reactions.)

Message reactions are a simple way to communicate your feelings about a message using emojis. This feature helps to eliminate the confusion that arises from sending different emojis as reactions to different messages. Therefore, it's recommended to use "Like" and other emoji reactions when chatting with someone to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

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